Viktor Dank von Krasnik

Dankl von Krasnik, Viktor, Baron, Count, born on Sep. 18, 1854 in Udine, Italy; died on Jannuary 8, 1941 in Innsbruck.

An important Austro-Hungarian general and army commander in World War I; in 1914 the 1st Austro-Hungarian Army under D.'s command defeated Russia's 4th Army at Krasnik (Poland); in 1915 he was Defence Commander for Tyrol and Vorarlberg, in 1916 commander of the 11th Army in the South Tyrol offensive.

In June 1916 relieved of his command, in 1918 he became field marshal. After the war, he served as a patron of the construction of the monument at the outer gates to the Imperial Court in Vienna.

Colonel General Viktor Dankl

Generaloberst Viktor Dankl v. Krasnik